Self Publishing Services

Writing is a love, publishing is a business.  Like any other business, self-publishing is filled with wolves who will steal your income.  Case in point is a copyright as well as the distribution rights.  We will make sure that all of your work gets published in your name and is copyrighted for protecting you as the author.  We get you the distributions rights which steers profits to you and not the middleman.  We are not a legal service that guarantees protection however we do know the appropriate steps to take.

We have published both printed books and ebooks.  We have products on Createspace, Amazon, Goodreads, Selfie, Gumroad, and other sites.  We also setup distribution to book stores such as Barnes and Noble.

Converting a document to an ebook is no easy task.  We have the tools, know-how, and experience that results in the proper flow and layout for your ebook audience.  Don’t let the frustration of formatting your book keep you from writing.  Let us handle the heavy work.   In addition we provide the final document in pdf, mobi, and other ebook formats.

We create eye catching covers.  The cover really does sell the book.  Here is an example of a cover from 1996.  It was a 7 MEG file that was huge when it was produced almost 20 years ago.  This cover was so successful in its role of promoting this trail guide, the DeLorme mapping company used some of its techniques.

The Four Wheel Drive Trails of Arizona cover image