The Joy of Working Remotely From Wherever Suits You

An opportunity to write about working from out of the ordinary remote locations surfaced.  Here is my response:


I am writing to you from my bed on a mountain in the Rockies.  I have a trip planned to Arizona and can easily extend it over to Los Angeles to meet your request.

I have been successfully working from this remote area for four years now.  My commute is from my bed to reach over and grab my notebook off my desk.  My story is unique as I live on a mountainside that I climb when I take breaks.  I have lost 60 pounds doing this and most likely added 10 years to my life versus a stressful corporate existence.  There is no TV here however a major mountain bike trail is a football field from where I am writing this.  All I have that enables my income is the internet, my computer, my paints, and my small workout machine of 5 foot by 2 feet.

From my bed I have:

  • written and edited patents for clients;
  • launched a kickstarter campaign;
  • filmed a commercial entry for the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest; (also wrote, directed, edited, produced, and solicited actors actually for three commercials);
  • won an Air Force Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) award for a client;
  • written six books;
    • a thriller novel;
    • a weight loss book:;
    • four children’s books on my son’s monster truck; l: (author name is a pen name);
  • scheduled appearances for my monster truck;
  • written an electronics blog for a worldwide audience;
  • appeared in a Memorial Day parade in Commerce City;
  • performed business tasks such as scheduling, budgeting, payments, and taxes; and
  • designed websites for my businesses

I have an artist’s studio that I can set up in my office or in remote places in the Rockies simply by dropping my tailgate.  I have painted adjacent to babbling waterfalls and alpine mountain lakes.  My paintings can be seen at:  Check back to this website as four more winter scenes will be coming back from the photographer this week where gilclees are being produced.

My lifestyle permits me to keep in shape through hiking and climbing the steps at Red Rocks amphitheater.  When I do need to “go into town” or as we call it, “go down the hill” for the benefits of a city that Denver offers, I integrate a workout into my schedule swinging by Red Rocks for a grueling two and a half hours.

I also plow snow for therapy.  Most of our storms occur in the night time so I am in a peaceful outdoor setting watching the snow fall.  There are actually some appealing human interest stories involving my snow plowing escapades as well.  My lifestyle enables me to adjust my sleep patterns and plow all night if needed.  The great thing about my mountain town is we have live music all year round.  In Evergreen where I live there is a venue known as the Little Bear.  If you play there, you’ve made it in Colorado.  Eleven miles down the canyon sits Red Rocks.  If you play there, you’ve made it in the world!

Last year I didn’t want to experience winter so I packed up my possessions and spent the winter in Phoenix, Arizona adjacent to a mountain that I also climbed.  This location was perfect for painting sunrises and sunsets.  I would attend a weekly car show in Scottsdale where I painted.  I also attended a large art show that ran for three months as well as bull riding every Friday night in Cave Creek.  I spent six months modifying my son’s “Hell Camino” so that he can go hunting Mustangs with it.  I gave out a few spankings myself.  This year I hope to return in order to enter my monster truck in the Arizona Public Service (APS) electric light parade.  My businesses and my possessions all fit into my trailer and classic International Scout that also is available as a topless parade vehicle.  Note that a few boards across the ceiling serves as an art storage facility for wet or dry paintings.

Again, I have a trip planned to Arizona and can easily extend it over to Los Angeles to meet your request for a late February appearance.  The nice thing about owning a business is you can schedule your own time and trips as well as be flexible and available.  Shall I bring the monster truck?  I look forward to hearing from you.

WordPress Blog or Web Page?

After a recent effort to create a new web page, I realized there weren’t many places to instruct you how to create a blog versus a web page in Word Press.  Therefore, I decided to show you how.  It is very easy as you can see from this graphic.

Wordpress, blog, web page, static
This Page View Shows You How to Select a Static Page

All you have to do is choose the “Settings” option on the sidebar and then you simply set the Front page displays to

Your latest posts if you want a blog

A static page if you want a web page

Very easy!

Sharing My Experiences with and an Article on Creativity

Creativity is something that every writer struggles with.  As a painter, inventory, and restorer of classic vehicles (in addition to my authoring), I suffer greatly from the desire to always be creative.  I also fail quite often as well.  It is not always easy to create a masterpiece.  Sometimes it takes several tries just to produce an item that one considers to be halfway decent.  The article that I am referring you to showcases how failure works.  Interestingly enough, failure can be a good thing.

“Viewpoint: How creativity is helped by failure,” Matthew, Syed, 14 November 2015,

In the fall of 2014, I had the best string of creativity in my life.  In addition to cranking out my writing assignments for clients, I authored two books and created a number of paintings at my website

For some reason, everything just clicked in my life during that period.  The weather cooperated so I could paint outdoors.  Subject matter flowed into my brain.  My skills improved as my hand-eye coordination enabled finer adherence to the lines of the images.  My experiments in colors and mixing of paints brought forth better and better results.  My ideas for knowing when to continue wet painting and when to let it dry grew.  My writing flowed like never before.  In between all of this I spent time hiking and working on my physical body as well.  I attended live music events.  I was feeding my brain and my body and it was returning the favor with creative juices.

One year later in the fall of 2015, I’m somewhat starting over.  There has been a gap in production due to life’s requirements.  Starting over means your perspective is not as sharp as it was during your peak.  This is where most people give up.  However, as the referenced article states, this is where you learn the most and show the most improvement.

Here is an example of two tries at creating a painting for my son for his birthday.  Chronologically, I started the orange car first and then went on to the yellow version.  Neither is complete and each has their flaws.

El Camino, Scott Deuty fine art
A Comparison of the Two Versions Shows the Difference in Vehicle Position and of Course Color

The orange car was a test of the template, shape and position of the car.  I wanted to put a slight “twisting” of the frame as well as showing the wheels lifting off the ground.

The Initial Painting Taught Me a Lot Due to the Mistakes I Made
The Initial Painting Taught Me a Lot Due to the Mistakes I Made

The end result was mixed.  Instead of the wheels looking as though they were lifting, this car looks more like it has a suspension lift with the front wheels supporting the vehicle.

The Body Twist is Evident in This Photo that I Used as an Example

The Body Twist is Evident in This Photo that I Used as an Example

Most of the car lines on the orange version were acceptable however there is some adjustment that is needed in order to duplicate the actual image.  The aspect ratio of the bed does not align with the “disappearing point” on the horizon.  The rear fender extends too far over the tire as well.

On the second try I rotated the body for the yellow car.

Yellow El Camino
The Yellow Version has the Body Rotated Up Along with Some Added Contours That Resemble Later Model El Caminos

I also added some style to the body and the top as the 1966 El Camino was a bit mundane in these areas.  The later models of 1968-1973 had similar lines.

Regardless of the outcome, the mistakes that I made are teaching me more and more about improving the product.  Our creations are not always perfect.  Nor are they right the first time.  Mistakes teach us how to improve.  Like most humans, I do learn from them however I also go down the wrong road time after time.  By knowing in advance where the roads lead, I reduce my number of mistakes and continue to improve.

Even though the painting was not complete, race day occurred and my son had a blast although a mistake cost him a win.  On the final run, his car quit due to an ignition breakdown.  A wire came loose.  He had the Mustang and maybe his best time yet didn’t complete the run.  He did however learn something.  In reality, that’s all that mattered.

El Camino, burn out, Wild Horse Pass
Race Day Went On Without a Completed Painting. Here the Tires are Getting Warmed Up So They Will Grip Better

Rescuing a Damsel In Distress on a Cold, Rainy Night

Just a little story about a damsel in distress. Last night was the first night it had rained here in a while. As I was approaching the Morrison Road exit on I70 west, I passed a silver SUV travelling slowly along the road side with the four way flashers on. When I stopped at the light, I noticed a young lady waving me down from the driver’s seat. I rolled down the window (using good old American muscle on a crank and not an electric motor made in China) to find out she was in trouble and needed to use a phone. I directed her to the adjacent commuter lot and pulled in ahead of her. I left my reliably running, American made International Scout and approached her yuppy SUV with the BMW insignia on it. I learned from her that it was not moving very well and she had been coaxing it along the interstate for over an hour in an area with more mountain sides than buildings and people. While peering inside I could see every kind of warning from engine issues to 4WD engagement alerts. Apparently, German engineering does not adapt to rain as well as American engineering.
Her vehicle featured every kind of technology except the one that would call for help. This included her personal lack of a cell phone which I gave her to use. Help was soon on the way. I was glad I stopped. I don’t always stop to help. In this case, she was rescued from a situation that was so scary she was in tears. Poor thing out there on a cold rainy night at the foot of the Rockies.
And the reason I got off that exit to begin with? hmmmm Well I was at my 100 mile tank limit and couldn’t switch over to the other tank as I myself had broken down a week earlier (on a sunny, warm evening). It seems as though after 40 years, the tank valve wore down to a point where it would rather suck air than fuel. The other reason I had exited was to give my vacuum driven wipers (they get slower if I go faster) a chance to work on the slower side road of 40 versus 65 MPH I70 as I climbed the mountain towards home. Ancient American technology had not worked it’s best for me however it hadn’t failed me either. I was able to limp home when my gas valve wore out in that spot a week earlier while my wipers gave me just enough visibility to make it through the rain last night.
I offered to stay with the young lass until help arrived however she seemed a bit reluctant so I bid her farewell and headed on. I only hope she was soon in a warm, safe place and her vehicle was once again mobile without too much work or cost.

Effective Writing is Not Always Technical However, It’ll All Work Out

This is a story about a lesson my dearest Heavenly had always assured me of.

She constantly told me, “It’ll all work out.”

Looking back over the peaks and valleys of the last year, she was correct.  My last two, no scratch that.  My last three days had worked out.  However, it was not the way I planned it to.   It never is when you run a small business.

The hot August day, combined with the fact that I had laid in bed all day writing, had driven me outside.  With memories of last winter’s cold and this spring’s eight solid weeks of rain, I knew it was better to get outside than to stay inside and write. Even though I hadn’t been as productive as I would have liked, what really had been productive in the last two days?  I had missed the opportunity to combine an interview with my Boulder trip for my acting shoot.  I hadn’t gotten the email about the interview until today which was the following morning.

The trip wasn’t all that bad.  I had taken the high road to my storage unit north of Boulder.  This road is referred to as the Peak to Peak Highway.  It is one of thee most scenic routes in Colorado.  With all of the beauty that this state has to offer, that says a lot about the aesthetic pleasure one experiences.  Along this route I nearly ran out of gas.  Fortunately I didn’t wear my headphones and mask the sound of the aftermarket electric fuel pump attempting to commit suicide.  On occasion it will start beating like Alex Van Halen on a roll due to idling too much while not drawing off the pressure.  This time the sound was different.  I could tell it was starving on the uphill slopes.  Knowing that the pickup tube faced forward was the first indication I was running out of gas.  Without an accurate gauge, the only other data that I had was the Driver’s Diary log Android phone application and the amount of fuel versus mileage that I had traversed.  Two factors that made it ambiguous were the fact that I had done a partial fill up and towed the trailer the day before.  The trailer dropped the mileage from 14 mpg to around 12.  The partial fill further made me guess about the quantity of that gas remained.  I switched to the second tank wondering how much fuel was left in it from the six gallons I had put in way back in February.  Suddenly the smell from my gas can in the back was more welcome than ever.  I had only been carrying this fuel for a short time as the second tank was my backup plan.  That works great in some areas however this remote mountain route was not one of them.  I made the gas station no problem and filled up.  The tank behaved until I got to Boulder where it began beating loudly again.  Although I’d only gone one hundred miles that was mostly downhill, it seemed like the gas had dissipated way faster than the 140 miles I could stretch a tank to.  I pulled into a station and filled up.  The ten gallon tank took five gallons.  The miles per gallon was a whopping 18 mpg, the most I had ever gotten.  I learned another lesson that day, hot days might vapor lock the pump and make it beat loudly.  And of course, it had all worked out….thanks Heavenly.

Flash ahead to today where I decided to get outside.  As I took my scenic route above Bear Creek, several leaves on the edge of the shrubs where turning to fall colors.  This reminder of the coming winter supplemented the cooler air of late along with the increased elk activity.  Autumn was making its presence in late August even though the bank sign downtown registered 85 degrees.

For some reason, I had left my phone at home for this trip.  At least I’m hoping it’s at home as I’m writing this.  I had planned to hike a slope that gets my breathing rate up.  Instead I gravitated towards downtown and the flatter lake walk.

Upon arriving downtown, there sat my dream; four girls in short shorts with the hood up.  Being the gentleman that I am, I sauntered over to see what the matter was.  Apparently the clutch on the truck wasn’t engaging.  I offered assistance while joking about the situation.

“This is a dream come true with you babes.  If only we were on a back road and I was the only one with cold water on this hot day,” I smirked.

I drew some laughs mainly because we were in a busy town where I was apparently perceived to be less of a threat.  I did some diagnostics on the truck and came to the conclusion that their best bet was to Google the words: flat rate clutch cylinder replacement Ford Ranger.  It came back with $100 in parts with $600 in labor.  I commented to the driver that she was dating the wrong kind of guys if she had to pay for service.  It wasn’t my final comment.

As I viewed the tow truck drive with the truck on the back and four babes in his cab I shouted, “I want your job.”

He just smiled and drove away.  Dam college education failed me again.  Maybe I should hang up writing and become a tow truck driver instead.  The thought of laying under a car in a white out quickly quelled that thought.

Now I was double dirty having crawled under her truck and spilled BBQ sauce on my shorts at my buck-a-bone Tuesday venture.  Oh well, might as well walk the lake.

As I rounded a corner on the lake here came two little boys on their bikes along with mom and a dog on a leash.  The littlest guy headed around the corner to where the path narrowed and sloped towards the lake.   He stopped, put his foot out, and started tipping towards the water.  Not good.  Mom and I got to him before he fell.  I then carried his bike down the steps.  I offered to carry the second one however mom was independent and did it.  She was also independent in wanting to get back to her car even though lightening was moving in.  Another thing I learned from Heavenly was not to interfere with an independent mom.  I bade her farewell and continued around the lake in the opposite direction.  I never did come across them again and wondered how they made it back to their car in time to pick up the daughter from acting lessons.

At this point the adventure wasn’t over.  The lake has been abuzz with wildlife over the last two days.  A bald eagle was hanging around.  Also, the elk were in rut.  Sure enough, all the moms and calves came down to drink, bathe, and get relief from the heat.  The problem was that the first elk I encountered was separated from the heard and possibly from a calf.  This wasn’t a good situation as I was in the middle.  As per Heavenly’s suggestion, it all worked out.  I didn’t end up with discriminating elk prints on my forehead.  Still I kept an eye out for the big bull that had been tormenting the heard over the last two days.  He was bugling and in full rut.  This was a dangerous time to be around the harem.

Whereas elk were no longer a problem, the lightening was.  I was walking under power lines and along steel girdered bridges.  There were also flag poles, street lights, and metal guard rails along the way.  The lightening moved from one side of me to the other.  This meant at some point it was over me.  I kept an awareness for static electricity raising my hair as an early warning for a lightning strike.  As I walked, I prepared to “plane out” and become less of a lightning rod.  If I couldn’t avoid a strike, I could at least hope to spread the current past a point where it would stop my heart.  Again, it all worked out.

My journey continued into town without further instance.  For some reason, I had been sent out to be an angel for a mom and four stranded ladies.

I now sit here and write this as a friend performs live music on stage.  He is the perfect example of six degrees of separation.  Although we had attended the same small college in New York at the same time and had mutual friends, we never met until I moved to this small Colorado town some two thousand miles away.  We are now friends and he is singing one of the songs that reminds me of him.  It had been in my head the last two days when I worked on my monster truck for attending a child’s birthday.  Although I feared a breakdown or incident would ruin that gift to appear and make this child’s day, somehow it had all worked out.  Thus I am not the angel of this story, Heavenly is.  She watches over me to a point where I can produce and edit a fifteen hundred word story in forty minutes.  I hope you enjoyed it.

My Monday Rocked It

Yes it was a very productive Monday for the most part.  There was a lull however I did get through it.  My accomplishments included bidding on several new jobs, winning one job, completing one job, two hours of a shoulder routine (went beyond the norm), and advancing some of my paintings.  Half way through the day, a huge bull elk galloped by my window.  From the size of his rack, there is no doubt he will be screaming and fighting for ladies in about a month.

My shoulder routine used to be my longest routine.  As I added more variations to my chest and back routines they got longer than the shoulder routine.  That all changed yesterday (Monday) when I pushed myself.  I have successfully transitioned the majority of my routines from the 20 pound dumb bells to the 45 pounders.  Yesterday was the second time I did 45 pounders for my shoulders.  I followed up with 20 pounders just to ensure full movement as well as to grow an area that has become a bit stagnate.  There is something about a set of protruding deltoids that makes me want to advance this part of my body.  Clay Matthews has done this well.


I didn’t hit the weights until about 3 PM.  Until that time, I had been laying in bed writing while trying to ignore the sunny, summer day just outside my window.  In order to maximize time, I watched TV while working out.  At the end I was exhausted so I laid and watched another show.  I rarely watch TV as it is however I needed to reboot.  At least I followed the rule that I had imposed on my kids; if the TV is on, it had better be educational.

After an hour of the Science Channel, I went over to my only stored program, “The Joy of Painting” with Bob Ross.  Within a half an hour, I was reenergized and at the drafting table updating the painting you see below.


I finally filled in the outlines of the mountains in this painting of the famous Colorado landmark, Maroon Bells.  Although the reflection is not quite as symmetrical as I’d like, I did make it until 10:13 PM and then slept a solid 8 hours.

One more thing occurred on my Monday, I was again published on a national website with my electronics blog.

The Toyota Prius: An Electrical Engineering Marvel
Scott Deuty, Power Electronics Expert, 7/26/2015

My Monday rocked it.  I hope yours did.

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Succumbing to the Reality of Self-Publishing.

I have decided to succumb to reality of self-publishing by offering a free ebook.  Although my company’s income relies in part on book sales, I have researched enough writing success stories to understand that exposure is everything for an author.  With an estimated 3,000 books being uploaded everyday, one has to provide a way to stick out among the crowd.  Many self-publishing authors do this by offering one book free in order to establish their credibility with readers for future sales.  Free ebooks provide a segway to more detailed work.  A free offer garners interest that entices readers to pay for the more valuable, more detailed work.

This effort not only will offer me more exposure for my existing work, it gave me a chance to improve my writing skills.  I was able to put together a 4,000 word ebook in a matter of about four hours.  Last week I wrote a 10,000 work ebook in about 10 hours. In addition to gaining experience in writing these books, I’m improving on my ability to format them while providing links for fast navigation of the subject matter.

Be looking for my free ebook shortly.  The title is “YOU CAN HAVE THE BODY YOU ALWAYS WANTED; A 20 Minute Guide to Getting Fit”.  I will be listing this book on my website,

my latest blog on Planet Analog is a tribute to great people named Bob

Hello again,

I wrote another blog for the prestigious electrical engineering website Planet Analog.  This blog is titled:

What’s All This Regenerative Braking Stuff?”

and is located at

In this blog I talk about technology that I contemplate as I hike a trail in Colorado in celebration of the great Bob Ross who died 20 years earlier on that date, July 4th.