Web Pages

Nothing generates business more than your web page.  This document is even more important than your business plan.  A web page is a doorstep to your business.  Don’t lose a deal due to poor presentation, a low page rank, or broken links.  Let us create a professional looking web page for you.  We can even include shopping carts and Paypal buttons.Web page example

We customize your web page for the correct Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by including keywords and titles that get you noticed.  We also update the search engine code for Google, Bing, and others.

Web page rank determines where you show up when a customer searches for key words that are related to your business.  Getting on the first page of a Google search isn’t easy yet it is possible.  Our web page service analyzes your pages rank and adjusts it accordingly.  We have taken a small business from a rank of 2 to 4 in a matter of minutes.  Let us assist you in boosting your web page visibility so that more customers will choose your business first!

Page Rank Example Left Half of Bars

Page Rank Example Right Half of Bars

Web page ranking is based on a number of factors including updates, relevant wording, and the number of links back to your pages.  We link your social media back to your page (Facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+, etc).  The more links you have, the higher you rank!  In addition, one page update notifies all of your social media!  Our web page service has an option for maintaining your page with fresh content on a regularly scheduled basis.  Not only are your customers informed of your latest information, the search engines rank you higher based on more frequent updates!

Our web page service has the option for you to receive reports on the health of your page.  We provide statistics that let you know how your page is doing.  We also recommend improvements.  Contact us for a quote!