Our team has over 50 years of combined engineering design and publishing experience in the areas of semiconductors; analog, power, and RF electronics; renewable energy; GPS systems; LED lighting; automotive product comparison and “how to” articles, vehicle modifications and retrofits; consumer electronics; the Internet of Things (IOT); thermal and EMI gaskets;  sensors; and mixed signal products such as ADCs and DACs.  Our team members have written articles for magazines, conferences, websites, product introductions, and specific customers.  We have also written a successful grant application that received an Air Force Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) award.  One application note (AN1520) has lasted over 20 years on the internet through all kinds of advances in technology.  We are early adopters of technology that envision developing markets and write material that relates to present and future product advantages.  We have initiated business worldwide for clients in the US, England, Japan, and China.  We have the ability to read and speak Mandarin.  Our customers include major US publications, global semiconductor companies, and electronic distributors.

Our material exceeds that of the competition by marrying the technical with the captivating.  The content that we create is high in keyword density and emotional value.  Keyword density is crucial to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  for getting your link on the first page of an internet search result.  Emotional value is key to capturing and retaining a reader’s interest.  We routinely score 75% in emotional value with a measurement tool that we use.  A score of 50-75% is considered to be a skilled copywriter.

Our content includes everything from 300 word blogs up to 1,500 word articles and beyond.  We have self-published ebooks and written books with content from several hundred words up to a 70,000 word novel.  We are proficient in creating content as well as formatting printed books as well as ebooks.  We are members of many self-publishing websites including Amazon, Smashwords, and Kobo.  We also work hard to ensure you retain both publishing and distribution rights.

Our content is not limited to technical documents.  We are astute business minded folks with marketing and business development experience.  Our services also include press releases, business plans, web pages, brochures, marketing collateral, and proposals.

Effective technical writing is a writing service that specializes in generating material for publications in electronics, automotive markets, and drones.  We are a B2B and B2C business that allows you to offload the task of publishing as well as editing.  We specialize in the areas of product introductions, technical marketing, and technical content for documents such as application notes and engineering bulletins.  We have experience researching and writing patents, thesis, dissertations, and material that requires complex equations.