Business Plans

One lawyer commented on a business plan of ours as being “the best he has ever seen”.  Cut to the chase and get the funding you need with one of our effective business plans.  We help startups of all kinds including technology companies.  Don’t miss your chance to get funded.  Have the best plan in place.

Business Plan Revenue example chart

Business Plan 2016 Revenue projection example pie chart

Investors are always looking for a Return on Investment, or ROI. Our business plans include the research that identifies your market potential.  Research is nothing without proper presentation.  We format your charts, tables, and graphs into easy to read, eye catching graphics that effectively tell your story.

CAGR Business plan example

We generate the text that investors use in order to determine if your business plan is complete.  Not only do we create the text, we give it the emotional value impact that sets your business apart.  We measure the emotional value of our statements using a tool that rates from 0-100%.

Example Headline Score or 75 percent